Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some Days in LA

Hello !

Have you guys ever been to Santee Alley? it's like a giant swap street!!! IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I have so much to say about it! The sell bunnies! They sell DVDs!!!!(bootlegged of course) They sell contacts!!!! Yes! I said it, they sell color contacts! & They sell MAC make-up! (I'm not sure if they are real but they sure are alot cheaper than the ones at the store.)

I think the best part of the whole trip was the bacon covered hotdogit was so good!!!!!!! If you guys haven't tried it, go out and find one!!!! Everytime I go to LA I just have to find one because if I leave without on then I feel like my trip wasn't complete hahha

There was this man yelling out bubbles!!!!! bubbless!!!!!

All of these accessories were only 99 cents!!!

They take a whole potato and put it through the spinner thing and fried it. So good

After visiting Santee Ally, Quyen swept me away to Fall Formal!!!! Hosted by the dreamy man Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the Orpheum!! He started HitRECord and it's basically a collaboration of numerous artists that come together to display their creation. It was amazing! There were so many different artist! AND!!!!! There was many surprised guests including Anne Hathaway, Neil Patrick Harris, and Gary Oldman.

Thank you vintageeQ ("who is my friend who use to hate me" - came from her own mouth) for inviting me to the show  I LUBS HERS 

Neil Patrick Harris & Joseph Gordan-Levitt

I was beyond hyped to see them and everyone was all fancied out looking gorgeous that I felt under dress it was seriously really fun! They only have it once a year every October I believe, I will definately be there next year as well!


  1. Your outfit looks great! Especially your shoes, so cute. :D Gosh, I'd go nuts at that 99 cent accessories place!

  2. Wow you look so cute!!! I love all the places you are at!

  3. Omg that ponado thing.

    Sexy beast photooooo <3

  4. ok that looks like a heaven bring me there now >:(

  5. @ GildedCrush: Thanks you <3 and I know right so many cute things for only 99 cents hahha

    @ Nana: Aww thank you >__<

    @ Alice: -____- that is all

    @ Jodie: hhahaha I know!! You should totally go!!

  6. Oh my goodness, you are just too cute! And your friend is too!

    Looks like such a fun night! I have a biiiiig crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt! :)