Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: Shiseido Pureness Collection

Helloooo there happy faces! How are you guys doing this October? Can you believe it's fall already? It's almost Halloween!! WOohoooO I haven't decided if I should go as Daisy Duck, Snow White, or a cotton ball....

Moving on......

Have you guys tried cleansers and acne products and for some frustrating reason there's always little tiny bumps and ding you can never get rid of? or the whole product just doesn't work? Well that's what happened to me. Even though I can say my skin isn't a field of pimples and blemishes; I do occasionally break out around my T-zone (mostly around my nose area, chin, and a little bit between my eyebrows). If you guys don't know where the T-zone is here's an illustration

Although this isn't my picture, guilty as charge I thought she did a great job so you can get an idea (it was in Korean but I did my best to translated it in engrish.) Anyways my friend recommended trying Shiseido's pureness collection because I was tried of getting random pimples, and I feel like perhaps she might be on to something since her skin is absolutely flawless!  

Anyways as we can see....actually the picture is really blurybut the Pureness Collection is all in blue so you won't be able to miss it if your searching for it at the Shiseido counter haha. 

The cleanser is thick and creamy with blue micro beads, as it goes on it turns white and as you continue to lather you can start feeling a minty effect on your face, ish quite noice. It leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. 

(Sorry guys I look beat)

We hear some products that leave skin feeling dry is bad for your skin because its striping away all the  moisture in your skin, but I think it just really depends on your skin type. Everyone is completely different so this might work for some and an epic fail for others. As for me I like it!!! It works well with my skin and if helps me fight off pimples, black/white heads, and blemishes then I have no complaints!

This is the moisturizing gel-cream I got along with the cleanser. There are two moisturizing options: 1. The one that's a pump, that one is made for more oily/mixed skin type. 2. The one in the jar (which is what I have), that one is target towards more dry skin (which is what I also have ).

I'm not sure if you guys could see it but the cream is clear. It comes on without feel sticky, just clean and fresh.

(Excuse me again for looking beat, I'm about to head off to bed)

Before I would break out on my nose, like I would get a pimple and when that one starts going away two more would show up. It's really frustrating especially if you haven't seen your skin free of pimplesarrggg!!!!!

Over-all I really like the product! I don't really like to buy alot of product and try different things on my face. I like the keep my face routine simple. Morning: Cleanse, moisturize. Night: Repeat. No special stuff I need to do once or twice a week on top of my routine. But who knows maybe I'll have change of heart in the future.

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  1. Heheheheh I like to squeeze my pimples.. no good at all :S

    And I agree, that'swhat i do too!! Cba doing anything.
    Thanks for the post =)

  2. The Shiseido products are amazing but really hard to fine online...

    Nice post..

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  3. I've been using the pureness line from them since high school! Hahaha it's the only one I love and will willingly buy despite the higher price tag compared to drug store brands, Im glad to hear you like it! =D Ironically I just recorded my first video about my skincare that introduces this line but Im too shy to post it yet =P Hope you're having a great day!

  4. these products looks good, great review (:!!

    CMPang x

  5. @ Jodie:I know I squeeze mine too >___< it's so bad!!!!

    @ Sakuranko: You can find it on macy's website or nordstrom's :3

    @ Suki: I know it's pretty expensive but I think it's worth it :3 thanks I hope to see you post a video about it!!! <3

    @ Mai: Thanks you <3


  7. @ EMY: Thanks you too!!! Let's master it....I still haven't gotten it to come out like how I want it :(