Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sweet Street + VIDEO~ YAY!!!

GOOOOD Evening everyone ~

A few nights ago, I attended the opening of Sweet Street with the beautiful Anz and Jen to cheer on our lovely model friend Ane. The fashion show presented there was brought to you by ChubbyBunny and Spank! Everyone there was dressed to kill and looked absolutely amazing!!! They left me feeling so out of place with the candy pop colors and fun deco outfits. But I shall partake next time! 

All of these lovely pictures have been taken from Anz Falcon, as you guys could see from the water prints 

Jen, Ane (Our beautiful model friend), me, Anz

Some of the amazing artwork!

Me, Jen, Mie, Ane

Staring ANE & Selina as bubble gurls <3

If you guys have a chance to check out the exhibit please do! you guys won't regret it, the art work it self is a sugary treat 

I know in one of my previous post I said I would be posting up my youtube video very shortly, but despite time being on my ass I wasn't able to meet the deadline.  BUTTTTTT~~~ I finally found time hidden in my back pocket and whipped out this video hahaha I hope you guys enjoy! I'm really addicted to this album at the moment.

Please check it out and don't forget to subscribe~

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I haven't posted since last week........ I'm sorry I haven't posted up my video yet, I kinda wanna redo my video so I'll post it up soon......sowwie! Today is hump day and so far these past 2 months hasn't been treating very kindly from worse things possible happening to me to the weather being cold as Alaska, figure of speech, first I lost my wallet then my car got hit......THEN!!! its been getting super cold!fall use to be one of my favorite times of the year, but you know what? fuck that! I want the warm summer's nights to come back!

To make myself feel slightly better I got some random cheap finds from a couple of thrift stores!!! My bf said I always manage to find the randomest ridiculous things everywhere I go and you know what tis' is trueeee~

cheetah pin $2.99

I got this bag filled with random hair clips and pieces for $1.89

The best part of about the goodie bag was this clip!!!!!!! The heads move when you shake it around!

This cat paper cat box $.95


Aren't these fucking ridiculous!? yeah I think so.

Here's some of my favorite scans from Jelly's November Issue.

Hope you guys can relieve some boredom looking through this post.

- DaisyBear