Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Part 2: Gal-LO-Ween!!!

This post is pretty picture heavy sooo BEWAREEE~~

I was asked to take part in Gal-loween as a model. I was very very excited to be part of this ghoulish event: Tune in Tokyo Presents GAL-LOWEEN Hosted By Kimimela Gals. 

The girls arrived early before it started to help out and to get out make-up done by Michi. Everything there was all decorated out with scary skulls, spiders webs,and pumpkins. I love Halloween it's the one time a year where you could dress up in the most ridiculous things in the world and you know what?! Their doing it too!!!! This post has quite alot of pictures so I'll just let you guys look at the pictures rather than reading my boring texxts.

With the lovely girlsAliceEssy, Me, Tricia, & Anz

Tricia & June 

The first thing we modeled was our Kigurumi

A cute Hello Kitty Bunnie

An Owl

A Bunny

A Poppin Skeleton 

A Tiger

There were more Kigurumi! You guys can check out their sites and if you guys key in "AnzFalcon"  you guys could get $10 off yay!

After our Kigurumi, we went back and changed into clothes sponsored by Shibuyala

We all want to thank Michi for putting so much into this event and making it amazing!!!

We had alot of fun, I'm so glad I was able to take part in this awesome event! 

P.S: I know I made a youtube channel but I haven't uploaded anything yet I'm sorry guysssssssssss , I'm planning on uploading my intro video perhaps tomorrow or friday.


  1. The event seemed to be awesome and the decorations are so fab! <3 And i love the fashionshow.. You all look amazing and i quite jalous of the sponsered clothes .. XD

  2. Everyone looks so cute in their costumes! Looks like it was an amazing night & glad to see you all had fun !!


  3. Everyone is so pretty! I love everyone's costumes!!!

  4. Sooooooooooo cute wish I saw more of you! ♥