Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This post is very very pic heavy >__<

Thank you to EMY!!! for the invite to this lovely store's grand opening :3

This place is so freaking cute, from the floor to the ceiling 

Gift bags they were going to raffle away <3

"LA Gal Loves Tokyo Kawaii TV"

Grace <3 and I trying to be thug homes

Lovely girls 

A random lady asked if she could take a picture of me, afterward she immediately uploaded onto her facebook and wrote in the caption, "Look at all the things you girls missed you" hahahaha

Hey Smirnoff this is free advertisement ;3 

Ben Chan of Cola photographer took a quick snap shot. If you guys haven't noticed I stole some of cola's pictures haha you can tell by the watermaking on the sides :p

Emi won one of the prizes they were raffling off yay!

So did I! yay!

Sneak peak hehe

Sitting drinking Half & Half

Ladies <3

Half Open <3
Top: GraceEssyAnna, Me 
Bottom: Emy, Ane, Alice

Loitering :3

At the end of the day nothing but laughs and fun :3

I had such an awesome time and these girls are amazing, funny, and full of fun!!! Thanks to everyone that put all of this together! You guys did an amazing job!!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mah 21st Burffdayy & MAC

NOTE: I want to say Happy Birthday to the creative head of Amber Circle Designs, my very close friend Tom!!! <3

Finally I have reached the prime age of 21 on September 7th 2011!

The question that people have been constantly asking me, "how does it feel to be 21?" to be honestly it feels like I'm turning 18 all over again. I felt this relief of freedom knowing that not only could I go out and buy a carton of cigs and a lottery ticket, but now my dear friends, I can purchase a carton of cigs, a lottery ticket, and a 6 pack!

Finally, I could go through the exclusive velvet ropes of the 21+ places such as bars, clubs, & D&B after 10pm, it is time to drink up, laugh at our ridiculousness, and marvel on our youth. Dear boys and girls it is time to go forth and start/continue to enjoy our young adulthood!!! (Side note: Study hard, Party harder) :D

sidenote: I wanted to add more pictures later on but I'll just post this now
*As promised more pictures yay!!!

My Birthday CAKE! was ordered by my aunt and uncle who recently just got married, it was the same place they ordered their wedding cake. It was delicious! It was a simple vanilla cake with fresh blueberries and strawberries filling. 

Excuse this picture, I wasn't completely myself. I had a very reasonable excuse! I'M 21 YAY!
Anyways these are the face of Amber Circle Designs T___T and everyone in here is gone hahahaha
I would post more pictures, but frankly they just aren't pleasant to look at >__<

Little presents I've gotten: MAC's Russian Red (from my the apple of my eye) & Vegas Volt (from myself :3)

Vegas Volt

Russian Red

Top: Vegas Volt
Bottom: Russian Red

I will post a little review on my lipsticks later~

Thursday, September 8, 2011


First off congrats to my baby gurl Alice for winning Emy's giveaway :3
I tagged along with Alice to meet up with Emy and her friend Grace to hang out and collect the goods. They were both super adorable in person <3.

First we swung by Jazz Cat to eat and there were pictures of Cats everywhere!!! SO FUN!

Grace took us to our next stop which was Half & Half, it's freaking delicious, I'm craving some right now, but it's such a far drive maybe one day when I feel the need for an adventure I'll head out to get some.

Creeping in the picture 

Making ridiculous faces

@ Half & Half

Grace and Emy 

Cutie Alice

After all that food, drinks, and fun we squeezed in a little shopping around the area.

We dropped by Takashima and landed in lash heaven

Alice and I snagged these Rohto eyedrops for contacts. We've been meaning to get them online, but for some strange reason only the cosmos will know, their always sold out. I'm glad we found these here.

Closer look inside the package

It looks like candy!

These eye drops are seriously amazing!!!! I wear my contacts all day long, sometimes over the recommended hours that I should have them on, so these babies keep them from drying out all day and irritating my eyes. 

Debating what we should do next.

One of our last pictures together <3

We used the lighting in this machine to take our pictures haha


Taken with Emy's camera 

Thanks it for my first post. I want to thank Alice for helping me set up this blog >___< I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

- Daisy Bear