Thursday, September 8, 2011


First off congrats to my baby gurl Alice for winning Emy's giveaway :3
I tagged along with Alice to meet up with Emy and her friend Grace to hang out and collect the goods. They were both super adorable in person <3.

First we swung by Jazz Cat to eat and there were pictures of Cats everywhere!!! SO FUN!

Grace took us to our next stop which was Half & Half, it's freaking delicious, I'm craving some right now, but it's such a far drive maybe one day when I feel the need for an adventure I'll head out to get some.

Creeping in the picture 

Making ridiculous faces

@ Half & Half

Grace and Emy 

Cutie Alice

After all that food, drinks, and fun we squeezed in a little shopping around the area.

We dropped by Takashima and landed in lash heaven

Alice and I snagged these Rohto eyedrops for contacts. We've been meaning to get them online, but for some strange reason only the cosmos will know, their always sold out. I'm glad we found these here.

Closer look inside the package

It looks like candy!

These eye drops are seriously amazing!!!! I wear my contacts all day long, sometimes over the recommended hours that I should have them on, so these babies keep them from drying out all day and irritating my eyes. 

Debating what we should do next.

One of our last pictures together <3

We used the lighting in this machine to take our pictures haha


Taken with Emy's camera 

Thanks it for my first post. I want to thank Alice for helping me set up this blog >___< I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

- Daisy Bear


  1. No problem, babe. YOU FINALLY POSTED !

    I JUST SAW THIS NOWWW FUUUU. I feel so isolated from the world with no internet other than my little poddie. ._. So sad

    You make me giggle; I was just reminded of the wedding from your profile picture AHAHAAAAA <3

    I love you & miss you and will hopefully play with soon this week cutiee :3

  2. CUTIEEE!! lol i love how you use our pictures <3

  3. Hi there, u have a cute blogger and welcome to blogger life:) n i'm u new followers here:) nice picture:) cant wait for the next post form u^_^

  4. @ alice san: thank you so much <3!!! >___< hope to hear more from you :3

  5. Daisy Bear : me too:) have a great days:P n stay keep in touch in blogger...^_^