Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Asian American Expo FUN!

Hi y'all it's been awhile hasn't it? I've been slacking hardcore and there really is no excuse, it's break! Things to do, places to go, people to meet, bed to be slept in, food to be eaten, all of that good jazzzzzzzz.

Today a few lovely people and I went to Asian American Expo in Pomona Fairplex, and let me tell you there was a pile of people there ranging from infants in strollers to seniors in wheel chairs, you guess the age and their probably there.

We've entered the food sampling zone!

Tofu and Kimchi sample, it was so delicious. All of the food that they sold here were really cheap!

Alice & Lucy eaten some soups

I walked around with a balloon tied to my wrist the whole time, I was really surprised that: 
1. it didn't fly
2. annoy the shit out of me
3. no one tried to destroy it

Poor fish didn't know it was getting raped

Our lovely friends were invited by dolldelight to model in the fashion show at the expo.

The purdy ladies AneHayleeAlice, & Anz

Anz's outfit it's so crazy cute!

Another creature! There's seems to be alot of characters walking around :3

Haylee & Ane

Other beautiful models 

A cosplayer that was also in the fashion show

Other performances on different stages.

After the show :3

There were so many different kind of stand from food, to pets, and to health herbals medicine 

If you guys like steak on a skillet and spaghetti you guys need to check this place out!! It's so good! And it's more than affordable! 

Steak in pepper sauces, and spaghetti in mushroom sauces

Hanging out at Half & Half, seriously my favorite boba place -__-

That's pretty much wraps it up, have a great day!!!!!!