Thursday, March 22, 2012

Playing With Fire

Helloo Y'all~~

Recently I've been stuck in this hole and it's been impossible for me to get out. Mostly it's personal problems with how I feel towards my life at the moment. Sometimes you just feel so trapped in your everyday life, where everything becomes a daily routine that's we mindlessly wonder through. This sentence is just a condense version of how I've been feeling. 

To help myself get out of this rut, I've decided to redye my hair. Every time I feel like it's time for some sort of change, dying my hair is the simplest and fastest way to feel like a new person! My previous hair color was a red/orange, then I decided to tone it down by going to a boring brown. But now!!!! DUN DUN DUN! I can have the best of both worlds!!!!

I GOTS MY HAIRZ DID AN Ombre With Red!  

I love it so far, but anytime you dye your hair red, it will fade in a matter of days. One of the ways I prolong my red is to wash my hair with conditioner. In this particular case though I would shampoo the top half of my hair and avoiding the bottom half, then condition my whole head, just cause shampoo would strip the color off causing it to fade faster. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND GUYS!

- Daisybears

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hey GUYS!! I have so much to tell you!!!!! ahhh!!!! I was asked to model for this year LA's FASHION WEEK for Thai Nguyen.


Check out Thai Nguyen's collection here Apparel News I shall post up more pictures later!