Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lil Mini Photoshoot with WC

HI everyone!!! Are you guys ready for the weekend? I think I am I need some more sleep

The other day Anz Falcon hung out and we did a little photoshoot. It was pretty exciting, I was helping her take some pictures of her modeling in this dress for her sponsor here. She is also doing a giveaway with that sponsor! You guys should enter!!! It's $25 certificate to their online site

After of hours of tormenting me and pressuring me, I fell under her trap of creating a Youtube channel and a freaking Twitterdarn you ANZ!!!! Thank you to all of you who has already subscribe to my channel!!! Even though I don't have any videos up yet. We've already started filming a few clips so those will be uploaded soon! Please wait!!!!! As for twitter I'm still getting the hang of things, meh.

I will be having lots of things to share with you guys in the future I hope you guys stay tune!

I'm also wearing ANZ's WC sweater.

Just some random pictures we shot that day hhehehe. I'll update the Gal-loweeeenn event I model for in the next post! I hope I could get atleast one of my videos up by this week! crossing my fingers!


  1. Super cute shirt! : D Seemed fun!

  2. the sweater looks cute on you, and also your oversized ribbon. I Luuuv it <33

  3. Very cute! I've been a fan of that top for a long time now but I still don't know whether or not I want to get it . ___.

  4. @ Nana: Thanks it was :3
    @ Lina Kim: aww thanks sweetie <3
    @ Lorina: You should it's a cute top n___n
    @ Emy: not as kewt as you :3