Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hauling the Days Away

Here's some stuff I got recently >__<. There's more stuff that I've gotten but I was too lazy to take a pictures of hehehe.

 I know I didn't write much in the last post, but like they say, a pictures is worth a thousand words. I'll try to write more in these future posts hahaha :p

I tried to draw a beret but it looked like a yamaka instead -_-

So after I saw Emy & Essy, I impulsingly bought one too >__>

In the previous post remember when I said I won the raffle, here it is!! some sexy lacey bra and panties set from Shibuyala. I'm excited to take these babies out for some action ;D if you get my drift

I bought these at the grand opening of Shibuya La, they are so cute!! I would try them on for you guys but I don't think you guys would be too hyped to see that hahaha

A present from mah baby gurl Alice, from left to right : Diamond Lashes, lash case, Sigma brush set (Seriously I am so in love with these brushes, I'll do a review on them in my next post), Pa nail stary nail polish, some cute erasers, and Jewerich #2

The apple of my eye got me these cute earrings. Here's a funny story, a week before my birthday he drove pass the thrift store everyday but for some strange reason the store is always close. So he left a note saying "You guys are never open! Give me a call 714-XXX-XXXX), on my birthday he drove pass it again and they were open! He saw the pumkin troll doll earrings thought it would be perfect to go along with my craziness. :3

Hellooooo Leopard!!!! <3 If you guys haven't notice but I love leopard homeessss, I want everything in it >___>, even the pouch up in the previous picture is leopard haha. From my apple: Victoria Secret bra and panties set. From Alice: Leopard fox tail!!!!! KYAAAA!!!. Then Betsy Johnson leopard tights, and f21 cheetah inspired tights.

Thanks for reading beautiful ladies <3 


  1. I do wish my gift was as ridiculous as those troll pumpkin earrings hahahah!

    But it's ok, I slayed a queen leopard <3

    I hope you liked your stuff mister french man.

  2. those lingeri look so amazing! love the purple set, it's so pretty!

    haha the troll pumpkin earrings are so awesome! XD and you look cute, even with the mustache! ^__^

  3. Thuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you so fine with that stach of yours!

    Haha hopefully I'll be seeing you at Anz's daughter's birthday soon!



  4. @ Alice: Oh trust me your pretty much ridiculous as it comes -_-

    @ Ane: I tried on the purple set and it's really cute! thanks you so much, my mustache thanks you <3

    @ Emy: Oh gurl your so fine!!!!!! I will see you at le party <3 can't wait!!!

  5. hii! love your style ... what camera do you use to take this awesome photos?

  6. @ drea: aw thank you very much!!!! <3 I use the nikon d60 it's not the most expensive ones out there, it's great for beginners, and it takes amazing pictures!