Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: Nailtiques Formula 2

Hey there beautiessss~~

So I'm pretty sure that alot of us have seen some sort of nails tutorials once or twice in our life time and in almost all of the posts/ videos they all start out the same; with healthy beautiful nails. How I am envious of their nails!They are naturally long, perfectly filed, well maintained cuticles, and and lastly still maintains a healthy glow even if they've been covered by nail polish for months on end. 

With my nails ever since I was a kid, have always been a challenge to maintain if I've ever attempted to grow them out. Once they've reached a certain point they would either break or chip, but the worse chip isn't at the tips; it would be where the skin is...I'm not sure how to explain, hopefully some of you guys know what I'm talking about. 

My nails have always thin, brittle, break easily, and would get discolored when I constantly paint my nails. After consoling, (more like crying,) with my mom about the misfortune of the protein growing on the tips of my fingers, she went out and bought me this.

This is a special protein formula for you nails. Proven to strengthen and improve your nails from the conditions listed below in the details. 

This little tiny bottle will run you about $10 - 15 a pop. I suggest you guys purchase the .5 fl, oz. for around $20. I should have gotten the bigger bottle, but I wanted to try it out first. Now I know for next time.

These are my nails before applying the Nailtiques, you guys can see a little bit of the discoloration due to nail polish, even after putting on a base coat.  

The instructions said to apply 1 coat daily and once you've notice an improvement then you would start applying it once every other day. Instead of 1 coat daily, I would just apply on 2 coats every other day.

So far I've been using Nailtiques for a few weeks now and already I've noticed that my nails feel stronger, looks healthier, and they don't seem to be breaking as often.It's a little to early to tell, usually it would take anywhere between 2 months or so to actually compare the differences from before and after.  

I will update more in future posts, as for now I'm loving this product and I plan on using it for awhile.

Thanks for reading~

- Daisybears


  1. This is pretty cool but so expensive.

    1. I know it is! >__> I'm pretty sure there are other alternatives out there though.

  2. I need this~ I have such brittle nails due to always crafting, playing cello/violin & painting T.T

    Thanks for the awesome review! Keep us posted^.^


    1. Thank you EV! I certainly will keep you guys posted. n__n

  3. Ohh. I have to try this. :) Thank you for this review.

    Btw, thank you for dropping by my blog. I followed you back! :)