Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review: Geo Mimi Café Waffle Grey Circle Lens

Hello beautifulesss. Here's the break down on these waffle lens........ Utter DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!  

So I ordered from Pinky Paradise, and the lens that they sent me we're defected, every time I place it in my eye it would move when I blink and all I see is color -__-... So I emailed them about the my problem and the amazing service they hold for stands. They had me fill out a form and in a matter of a couple days my replacement was shipped out. This place has never failed me unlike some other companies, which I'm not going to name at the moment.

I ordered the lens and masks 


Here's the breakdown folks: 
COMFORT: It's pretty comfortable, but on occasion it gets dry
BRIGHTNESS: It's not very bright at all, from far away you can hardly tell what color the lens is
DESIGN: I like the design, it looks like a flower is blooming in your eyes
OVERALL: The lens gets a 3/5 from me

I expected this Mimi Café collection to be similar to the Princess Mimi collection, but if you want a more subtle and natural look go I would recommend this type. See you guys next time~~~

- Daisybears 


  1. OoOo~ very flattering lenses on you<3 & I'm loving your blog! I'm following now~


    1. awww thank you! i love yours too, followed*

  2. wow they look amazing on you, very pretty indeed!

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  4. I was really thinking about getting these lenses; how long are you able to wear them, really nice review. ^-^