Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Long Days and Warm Nights + Mini Giveaway Preview

Hey everyone!  Happy Summer to everyone who's finishing up the semester and to those who are already done!!  I just want to say that I am beyond stoke for those carefree days and fun-filled nights. My friend and I decided to kick off the season with a little shoot at this place called Bunny Hill. Unfortunately, during our stay we've never came across our woodland friends. That's alright though, we went for a stroll and frolic in the glory of the sun. 

Since it's summer there's no excuse for not posting, so as a promise to myself I will try to post as frequently as possible. I have a shit ton of things I want to share including makeup, tutorials, videos, and events!!!!! Actually a lot of upcoming events including e3 (which I am beyond excited about), EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), ETC...

After all the madness in this country, I will be jetting off to Vietnam for 6 weeks!!! And I hope to post frequently while I'm over there to share the amazing culture and all sorts of good finding. 

In my next post I will be doing what-I-call "The Reader's Giveaway"! This is how it works, I will be doing a review on the product, then at the end I will include the information on how to enter. Sounds typical right? But here's the difference!!! You guys pick what you want me to review/giveaway!! Here are your choices!




You guys can pick the brand and I will pick the product, just comment below!

- Daisybears


  1. D: wowww..
    I think any would be fine!
    so 1-3 xD
    and you look really really pretty in your photoshoot D: Ugh.. Gimme your face T__T

    1. ahhhh JUNE! I miss you!!!! <3 thank you sho muchhhhhhhh~

  2. YSL eyeshadow! =)
    Nars and dior are frequently used in tutorials.
    ysl is new to me.
    Nice top btw! =)
    followed you~

  3. Gorgeous photos<3 & the hair is perfect~


  4. i love this outfit, the shirt, the shorts, suits you so well!
    you've got a great style and blog, i'm following you now!

  5. Hey dear
    I just wanted to thank you for lovely comment. :)
    You have a really cute blog.
    following you on GFC ..^^

    Mind to follow back!!! Waiting you...:D


  6. Thanks sweety, I love this outfit!
    & followed you back :)

  7. love ur blog <333

    following you, mind to follow me back?:)

  8. Omg omg omg I can't pick! Okay, YSL WAIT NO! Dior wait no! Nars *head implodes* hahahaha I guess my final pick would have to be......*drum rolls* Dior? LOL

    This place looks beautiful and perfect for a photo shoot on such a sunny and gorgeous day! I hope you have a great time in Vietnam!!!!

  9. nice shorts!! LOve. I'm following you now, follow me too

  10. Wah, stunning pictures!
    You are very photo genetic c:
    I love those scalloped top
    and the shorts!

    Also I like the background
    setting very much!